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John W. Rice

May 29, 2010
Thanks to Vince Palamara for this photo, about which he says:
“The only known photo of New Orleans Secret Service SAIC J W Rice (glasses, top row, left), attending Secret Service school in the 1950’s (via the very obscure and out of print Secret Service/ AFAUSSS book ‘Looking Back and Seeing The Future’ from 1990)!”

BK Notes: I think TS came up with a photo from a newspaper clip about Rice serving as SAIC at a border town in Texas before moving up in ranks to Houston? and New Orleans.

I showed this to Adele, who said that her recall of Rice was that of a slight, dimunitive man, who may have lost weight from the time, as pictured, when he was in SS school.

Special Agent Rice was in the office of Special Investigations US AF at Barksdale AFB in Northeastern Louisiana when President Kennedy was killed. Rice received a call from his New Orleans office that Dallas SS agent Steuart had called and said that one John Martin was a suspect in the assassination and for agent Rice to discretely investigate Martin’s home in Northern Louisiana.

At the end of the day, when SAIC NOSS John Rice returned to his New Oreleans office, Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested, and another John Martin ties David Ferrie to Oswald when he lived in New Orleans that past summer. The Jack MartinRice investigated is forgotten, and there are no reports on why Agent Steuart in Dallas suspected Martin as an assassin so early in the investigation, or what ever became of him.

SAIC NOSS Rice wrote most of the Secret Service reports on the assassination out of New Orleans, personally investigated the Ferrie angle, and also took the calls from Adele and met with her on Sunday when Oswald was shot. Rice and FBI agent Orrin Bartlett then flew to Dallas, but there are no Secret Service or FBI records on these aspects of Rice’s investigations, ¬†the reason he was at Barksdale AFB at the time of the assassination or why he was led on a while goose chase over Martin.