JFK Memorial-June 10 2010 American Univeristy

JFK at American University June 10, 1963

Memo From COPA

And We Are All Mortal, June 10, 2010, American University campus.


On June 10, 1963,  just a few months before his assassination in Dallas, President John F. Kennedy gave what his aide Arthur Schleisinger, Jr. called the most important speech of his term in office. He addressed the Cold War, the nuclear arms race and the chance for world peace through detente and disarmament and a ban on testing nuclear weapons. The text is attached with commentary. This was consistent with his decision in April, 1963 to withdraw all US troops from Vietnam and his decision to explore
normalizing relations with Cuba following the Cuban Missile Crisis that brought the world so close to nuclear war.

All of these were reasons, in my view, for the assassination and coup d`etat that followed on November 22, and reversed those plans completely.

The Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) holds an annual commemorative event at the plaque that marks the location of the speech, and you are welcome to attend. We will gather for a meal and discussion of our November regional meeting afterwards. Please respond if you are planning to come – John Judge

“And We Are All Mortal…” Commemoration to JFK’s Call for World Peace Sunday, June 10, 12:00 – 1:00 pm Commemorative Plaque Reeves Athletic Field (west end) (entrance off New Mexico from Nebraska) American University 4200 Nebraska Ave, NW (at Massachusetts Ave.-Ward Circle) Washington, DC

Here are general directions to the campus:

Here is a map of the campus:

Note the athletic field at the top left. The plaque sits at the west or left
the field, beyond the Broadcast Center and Beeghley Hall on the access road.

For Ted Sorenson’s speech at AU in 2003 commemorating the event, see:

Our 15th annual regional conference in Dallas is scheduled from November 20-22nd at the Hotel Lawrence. More details and speakers will follow.

John Judge
Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
PO Box 772 Washington, DC 20044

Check out our new website:

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